Our Girls

Our Girls

Homestead’s Rock Around The Clock


Roxy is from our Murphy x Trudy litter. She has the genotype to produce black, yellow, or chocolate litters with a chance of “white” shades in the yellow puppies. She is JH titled and extremely intelligent. She has the drive and nose to go on to a working family.

Homestead’s Snowy Quest


Gwen is full English and has the conformation and temperament to show it. She is very laid back in the house, but loves to run and compete with her sisters for the bumper in the yard. She is planned to have all “white” litters.

Homestead’s Rumor Has It


Reba has a huge heart and is very affectionate. She steals lots of hearts with her stunning coat color and friendly temperament. She is planned to have yellow to fox red puppies.

SBR Texas Snow Blizzard


Snow has a beautiful coat color with rich black pigmentation on her nose! We love her giddy personality as she gets so excited when approached. Her head is square where as her nose is long.

SBR Java’s Key To Barracuda


Java is our petite framed English chocolate. She comes from a bloodline stocked with show champions and is sure to produce some blocky headed babies!



Lily is the second daughter we have retained from Trudy. Her sire is full English whereas Roxy’s is full American. We are excited to see how Trudy’s bloodline evolves with both of these girls. Lily will turn 2 in August 2023 be ready in Fall 2023



Trudy is the true definition of a dual purpose lab and has both field and conformation champions in her bloodine. She loves a good belly rub, but will retrieve for hours when it’s time. She is often complemented for her petite frame while still having the “blocky head” appearance.


Addie gets all the attention for just how sweet she is! She is a lover, that’s for sure. She comes from field champion bloodlines and has the speed to show it. While she isn’t competitive with her sisters, she will at least show them she can out run them!