Current Litters

Current Litters

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Born August 11th











Learn About Our Process

Apply for a puppy using our form

Set up a phone interview or in-person meeting so we can get to know your family better

Once we determine we are a good fit for your family, you will be given a link to place a deposit online.

Deposits are $200 and non-refundable. If a deposit is placed before the puppies are born, each family will choose a gender/color combination to be placed in a picking order. Each gender/color combination will have its own picking order. For example, if both male and female black and chocolate puppies are born, there will be a total of FOUR families picking first in their gender/color combination. If you placed a deposit on a puppy that was not born, you will be given the opportunity to transfer to another gender or color. You will be placed in the current picking order at the time of transfer. Other options can be discussed according to our current availability.


We will add you to a Facebook litter group page where you will receive weekly weight updates, photos, and other additional information.

You will choose your puppy at five weeks! We host a puppy party for all the families in your litter to get to know each other. We serve snacks and have activities for you to try out with your new family member.

Check out our store wall for any essential items you are still looking to purchase! We stock Benebone, Kong, Skouts Honor grooming products, blankets, toys, collars and leashes!

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Learn more about your puppy’s behavior as they grow. Learn basic skills and behaviors to implement throughout their life.

Puppy Culture

Come back and visit us when your puppy turns 1 for their first birthday party with their littermates.

How long would you like for your puppy to learn from our family?

8 weeks
16 weeks
Go home October 8th
Go home December 4th
Early Development
Early Neurological Stimulation
Social Stability
Exposure to young children, chickens, cats and goats
Exposure to young children, chickens, cats and goats
Grooming, thunderstorms, vacuum and children
Grooming, thunderstorms, vacuum and children
basic obedience
Sit Command
Sits well for handler. May take several times for a stranger using "sit" command
Visual cue to not jump when approached
Visual cue to not jump when approached
Off Command
Understands that "off" means to get down
Leave It Command
Releases object on command
Responds to high pitched "puppy" sequence
Responds to "here"
Leash Training
Walks nicely with loose leash and no pulling
House Breaking
Crate Training
Daytime crate breaks up to 1 hour. Nighttime up to 4-6 hours.
Knows the "crate" command. Daytime crate breaks up to 4 hours. Nighttime up to 8 hours.
Potty Training
Transition using pine pellets outdoors in one central location to communicate where their new potty area is located
Fully house broken. Still requires to be taught their new routine the first 1-2 days of going to their new home
Mealtime Manners
Taught to eat calmly and in individual bowls
Automatic sit and released on command
Waits for cues to proceed through a door
Exposure to shallow stair treads
Exposure to higher stairways
Vet Check (6 weeks)
DHPP Vaccines
1st vaccine
Completely vaccinated
Rabies Vaccine
2, 4, 6, 8 weeks
2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 weeks
Microchip (Pre-paid Lifetime registration and enrollment)
Take Home
AKC Pre-paid Limited Registration
Fromm Large Breed 5lb bag
The Homestead shirt
The Homestead bag